ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

How many civilizations are no more?
How many species no longer exist?

We have to be carefully taught.
We learn very quickly.


The winds of war never slow,
let alone die out.


How much

can humans endure?
Don't we know yet?


Maybe we just don't care.

Exactly what is it that we are fighting for? 

And is the price worth it?


To whom?

For what?


There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.


ewithe wongethi -- we are all related.

Margery Coffey


Titles of Coffey's individual art works
making up the statement piece:

 1. Air Fire Water Earth Awaiting Void
 2. Crossfire of Extinction
 3. Peacekeeping
 4. Seventh Generation
 5. Zania in Washington, 1918
 6. Shell Shocked
 7. Pilgrim's Progress
 8. American White Cross
 9. War Games:  Pawn #1:  Women
10. War Games:  Pawn #2:  Men
11. War Games:  Pawn #3:  Children
12. Michael Goes To War
13. Irony of War, from the private collection of Hollis D. Stabler.

14. I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the oil for which it stands.




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