Lazaroff Family Album of Art


Arlen Lazaroff's Bulgarian grandparents were James, Sr. and Dema Lazaroff.  His grandfather's original name was Dimitri, but he changed it to James when he came to America.  Lazaroff's grandmother's name was Dimana, but was commonly known as Dema.

 Note the elaborate lace work and embroidery on their clothes.  Truly needle art.

Pumpkins by Rhianna Lazaroff

That Starry Night
by Rhianna Lazaroff, age 11
(Inspired by Van Gogh's "The Starry Night")

Bright and gloomy stars in the dark blue sky.

Twinkle, twinkle like a famous lullabye.

Just thinking about what they are going to do.

Me up there standing in the hills,
Feeling happy and proud.

But then the gusty wind comes,
So I took one last look and went inside,
And dreamed of what I saw.

Space creatures by Rhianna Lazaroff

Barn shed in our backyard, painted by Lauren Lazaroff, 2005.

Old town Pencil drawing by Lauren Lazaroff, 1989.

Artistic ability is not something that strikes an individual like lightning.  It is a thread that runs through families.  Often it is noticed first in needlework by women or woodworking by men. In the Lazaroff family, the needlework art of Arlen's Bulgarian grandmother, Dema, is excellent and is the first documented artistic skill in the family. 

James Lazaroff, Jr.'s oil paintings show an excellent sense of color and style as well as ability to render figures with a great deal of skill for a self taught artist.

Arlen's work is in the Dada/collage style and extremely expressive of his culture.

Arlen's brother, Lauren, also shows artistic skills in both drawing and in model making. 

The gift continues on.  Arlen's niece, Rhianna Lazaroff, daughter of Lauren and Tanya Lazaroff, shows a flair for both art and writing.  Her sense of color, picture balance and skill in rendering her figures is excellent.  The poem she wrote is wise beyond her years.

-- Margery Coffey

Paintings by James Lazaroff, Jr., born in 1924, currently residing at Mount Carmel Home, Kearney, NE.

James Lazaroff, Sr. and granddaughter feeding chickens (1957)

Mountain scene (From a picture on a Bulgarian cigarette pack, I'm not sure when this was painted, but remember it being in our grandparent's house in the 1960's -- Lauren.)

Mother and baby on lake shore (1979, based on a photo Lazaroff, Jr. took in New Jersey around 1948)

Jet-O-Space model by Lauren Lazaroff.

Gumby, Pokey, and Cooties at the Jet-O-Space.

The model of the Jet-O-Space was a gift to Arlen after Arlen came across the original building in a neglected state in Omaha NE.  The original building, a drive-in, is now gone.

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