Chickenwire Jello
©1991 Arlen Lazaroff


©1999 Arlen Lazaroff

Arlen Lazaroff

You’ve got to do the animal scat boogie
Step around all piles on sidewalks
Manipulate that pooper-scooper
dump litter boxes for kitties regularly
take housebound doggies for walkies
down to the modern art gallery
to worship elephant dung on the face of Virgin Mary

you need to watch every step you take in N.Y.C.
clean up the filth on the face of the city
for Mr. Giuliani

make every excretion a piece of art
yellow streams from classical fountains
scale the face of the chocolate mountain
no fun just flushing everything down a giant hole to the sea

you’ve got to do the animal scat techno-erotic dance
tied up in a sling letting go of everything inside you
that will willingly come out
you’ve got to rejoice and scream and shout
about it all when everything you’re able to do
is just dirty




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