Blue 69
©1992 Arlen Lazaroff



©1996 Arlen Lazaroff

Arlen Lazaroff

Men looking at erotic pictures in book stores 
usually don't make much noise.
Even if they climax it is quick and silent
as the proverbial fog on cat's feet 
into polluted and dehydrated harbors 
where every vulgar boatman hopes for rain.

Are any ships due to leave this place soon? 
If so, they'll have to pay a fee for souvenirs they take away

and no loud change jangles in trouser pockets 
just a quiet plastic credit card exchange is made 
for all the books and video tapes they can carry home 
inside freshly laundered outfits.

Nobody stands naked in the 24 hour a day adult emporium.
No proper attire, no service
unlike bodies between the covers rendered in ink and paper
or magnetic tape and the magic of light 
to where, eventually,
every vulgar boatman takes flight.



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