Where the west ended
©1993 Arlen Lazaroff


©1996 Arlen Lazaroff

Arlen Lazaroff

He wants him
a red radio flyer wagon
pulled down a military street
a gift from the jaguar god

two clones in denim and polished leather clown for a camera
actors disguised as fashion models as the sky grows darker
clouds pregnant with rain heaving and sighing 
and giving birth to vegetation

two clones don't care
they tumble in lush parks of flowers and trees 
smoke grass and pull weeds
build houses from stems
pay rent with seeds
ambition is alien to them

He wants him
a supermarket pony ride
impaled on a slow and motorized stick
gold paint peeling off
poison lead on fingers 
a virtual nation of masturbation
being wasted on the young and dumb
a means to a dead end 
and don't know which way to turn.



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