Jackalope Arts


Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios'

Margery Coffey

Senior Resident Artist 

Umonhan Wau [Omaha Woman] 
Oil Collage
36" x 24"

In the collection of
 Carl T. Curtis Health Center
Macy, Nebraska

Given by OTHRP in memory of
 James [Quanah] Parker

[thank you]




It is the nature of art to provoke reaction. Some people have a problem with this. If you are someone who loves new ideas, enjoys having beliefs challenged, and appreciates good art, then, this is the site for you.

If, however, you find new thoughts threatening and prefer to be locked into a narrow belief system, then, you may have a problem.

It is not the intent of
Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios
Jackalope Arts
to offend any one.

We believe firmly in the right to present art in uncensored form.
Since we cannot second guess what might be offensive to a minority of viewers, we ask that viewers use their own discretion.


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