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     photo: Michael Wetmore 1991

Margery Coffey





Coffey's commercial art work can be seen
currently at the following location:

Autumn Leaves Used Book Store
115 The Commons
Ithaca, New York 14850

also available at this location:

Margery Coffey
Steeple Rock at Buttermilk Falls
Ithaca, New York
mixed media

Joe Wetmore and Carrie Laben in front of Autumn Leaves Used Books



Wau in the Window

sketch #2 for mural
12" x 18"
colored pencil


Wau in the Window a mural designed by Coffey
and sponsored by the Nebraska Arts Council
is located on the Umonhan [Omaha ] reservation.
Based upon a historical photograph from the
Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. collection,
Coffey painted the mural in November 2002
 on the south side Director Dennis Hastings' house
which is located on the east side of Highway 75,
one mile north of the Highway 94 intersection.

sponsored by the
Nebraska Arts Council



Sioux City Iowa

June E. Nylen Cancer Center

Josephine Barnaby, Omaha Nurse, 1887

Saint Luke's Hospital


VIVA at 1922 Pierce Street

Dear Affinity and more





Created and produced eleven different 40-page style books ranging from children’s stories, poetry books, how-to manuals to art show catalogs for the dominate culture’s consumption.

On the Umonhon
[Omaha] Indian Reservation, created puzzles in the Umonhon language, worked on Native Economic Development newsletter, Macy, NE and assorted Native American artworks for illustrations on local posters and newsletters in connection with Walthill Public School and Thurston County 4-H projects; coloring book for Thurston County 4-H, Walthill NE; illustrations for brochures, booklets and professional speeches in conjunction with Carl T. Curtis Health Education Center, Macy NE, graphic art, writing and editing for the Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. and other projects.

Published in the following periodicals:

1980-1984 Check It Out, New York CARD, NYC
1980-1984 Draft Counselor’s Manual, New York CARD, NYC
1983 National CARD’s Information Service, Washington DC
1985 Spark, NYC
1985-1989 Friendly Woman, a national collective of Quaker women: Georgia, Iowa, North

Carolina, etc.
1985-1986 CCCO’s The Objector, San Francisco CA
1986 Harlan County Journal, Alma NE
1986-1989 Friend’s Journal, Philadelphia PA
1988 Checkpoint, Buffalo NY
1991 Sound News & Arts, Omaha NE
1991-1992 Women’s Journal Advocate, Lincoln NE
1992 Les Con, San Francisco CA
1998-2002 15th Street Monthly Meeting Newsletter, monthly column, NYC NY
2002 Talking Leaf, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, editor, Macy NE
2002 Omaha Tribal Indian Child Welfare, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, cover

artist, Macy NE
2002 198th Omaha Tribal He'dewachi, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, graphic

artist, Macy NE
2005 201st Omaha Tribal He'dewachi, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, co-author,
Macy NE
2006 School Picture Project, Umonhon Nation Public Schools, author and graphic artist, Macy



Books Written, Illustrated & Produced By
Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios

Of Snoodles and Sneedles
Cow and Tankard
Coffey’s Corporate Garden of Eden
Jesse, Can You Read My Lips [The Road to Jesse’s Girl]
Banned in Nebraska
Nameless Ones of the Prairie Catalog
Nameless Ones of the Prairie: Children’s Workbook on the Elderly
Nameless Ones of the Prairie: Teacher’s Guide for Children’s Workbook on the Elderly
The Wetmore-Coffey Illustrated Guide to successful Professional Silk Screen Results on an

Amateur Budget
Cry From the Cottonwoods
The Blue Elephant Book of Poetry
Listen to the Children
Umonhon Iye te Ede’nonya? [How Do You Say in Omaha?],
Written & Illustrated by Thurman Cook,
Compiled by Margery Coffey, Michael Wetmore & richard chilton



Coffey 's scholarly writing is ON LINE
Western Institute for Social Research, WISR -- Berkeley CA




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