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Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios

A brief history and philosophy of the origin of the studios. This multi-cultural,interactive, grass-roots, graphic and fine arts studio officially began in 1984.


Protest Art

Inspired by the unfolding of a drama that must make Hollywood jealous, the art work and writings here within have been assem-bled for presentation as a protest against man's inhumanity to man as exemplified in: election steal-ing, bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Afghan-istan genocide, Anthrax, the Pat-riot Act, Enron-gate, the Axis of Good vs. Evil and the human culture behind it.

photo by Joe Mette


This is an in-depth look, visually and in writings at the censor-ship this studio has endured from various critics in Nebraska, the only state so far, out of over 10 including both coasts, who felt a need to do so.

Exhibits & Publications

A current record of  Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios' art shows, theatricals productions and public-ations.



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