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     Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios was founded by Margery Coffey in 1984 as a fine and graphic arts studio. In 1986 the Studios expanded with the added talents of researcher/writer richard chilton and his own artistic enterprise, Pic' Ax' 'n' Whisk Broom. This combined organization has evolved into a multi-disciplinary, co-operative arts business working both inde-pendently and with other regional artists to produce fine art shows as well as graphic designs for more commercial ventures. In 1994, Jackalope Arts Gallery was added to the Studios eclectic mix in order to showcase the growing number of talented artisans we have met and enjoyed. In 1999 Coffey received a grant from the Benton Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts mentored by the Nebraska Arts Council to set up a web site under the Open Studio program. Coffey used this grant to expand Jackalope Arts Gallery to an online presence extending opportunities to other artists and writers from across the United States. In 2002 when the Open Studio grant ended, Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios' web site was picked up by a series of private patrons so that it could continue to evolve.

Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios continues to work with a variety of artists, writers, musicians and thespians both locally and online through the Jackalope Arts Gallery. We work with many different cultures. It is our belief that human creativity is a sacred gift within every person. We each use our gift in many different ways. We believe the arts are as legitimate a problem-solving technique as mathematics and science has been and deserves an equal status in education. Creativity can be taught and enhanced for the benefit of all society.

Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios, Pic' Ax' 'n' Whisk Broom and Jackalope Arts Gallery are located on the Umonhan Indian Reservation of Nebraska and Iowa. We are dedicated to the principle that artists cannot live isolated from the world and must be an integrated part of the community in which they work. In this spirit, we have joined our efforts with the Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. a cross-cultural Indian agency dedicated to bringing back the cultural health of this tribe.

Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios is equally dedicated to freedom of speech and freedom from discrimination. Historically the arts are one of the first of society's groups to suffer when the freedom of speech is curtailed. Currently, artisans are often discriminated against by conformists for leading a "different lifestyle." Being intrinsically a part of the world around them can put artists on the forefront of controversy involving the arts, as well as other issues.

     Seeing statement art as a legitimate art form,
Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios joins in opposition to censorship, while at the same time, we are quick to promote artist rights, equality and justice for all and aboriginal sovereignty. The voice of the minority often is the voice of truth and we as a species cannot afford to refuse to listen.

Studios has experienced censorship seven times with their senior artist, Margery Coffey's works. Although Coffey has shown her work in over ten different states, it was only in her home state of Nebraska that she was censored. Each time it came without warning, and each time it was done first behind the Studios' backs. At no time was there a rational reason for the act, instead we were met from the onset with the rigid attitude: "You can't stop me." We do not seek this kind of confrontation. It is impossible to second guess what is going to offend someone somewhere. If an artist must limit their voice to only that which agrees with everyone, then they must remain silent and human society is the loser.

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