Brave, Indian Brave! 
© 1966 Joe Mette

Brave, Indian Brave! Brave, Indian Brave!
They lived in a beautiful land! 
Stolen by the white man!
They hunted and fished all day! 
Lived life in their own special way!
Brave, Indian Brave! 
(repeat-fade with drumbeat)


Dance, Chance! 
© 1995 Joe Mette

Dance, Chance! Dance Chance! 
Go ahead and run around!
Dance, Chance! Dance Chance! 
Through the ball upon the ground! 
Dance, Chance, Dance, Chance!
Go ahead and run and play! 
Dance, Chance, Dance Chance!
Have a very happy day!

Tanner Ray 
© 1997 Joe Mette

Tanner Ray, have a happy day, 
Tanner Ray go out and play!
Tanner Ray is A-ok!
My little great nephew's name is Tanner Ray!



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