© 1997 Joe Mette

Verse 1
When I was a school boy in Fourth Grade, 
My teacher Mrs. Walker –
Read a story true!
It's a tale I love to tell –
A book I've read and love so well,
About a little wild burro who was brighter –
Than any ol' mule!

And I remember Brighty of the Grand Canyon! 
The story of an old prospector and his little burro looking for ore.
But when that ol' prospector died, 
I lost something deep inside!
But the beauty of the Canyon, Yes the beauty of the Canyon! 
Oh the beauty of the Canyon is more precious than all their ore!

Verse 2
Well James Owen was a friend of O'Timer; 
Who was killed by Jake Irons -- that thieving outlaw-man!
But James Owen had a plan, 
And Brightly helped to catch that outlaw-man!
And his legend lives forever now in that Canyon-Grand! 

Verse 3
Now Brighty's spirit run's free in that Canyon; 
Yes Brighty's spirit is forever wild and free!
And I think it's true you see, 
That there's a bit of her spirit in you and me, 
And wherever creatures run wild-and FREE!





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