Oh, John Denver!
© 1997 Joe Mette

Verse 1
Traveling down those "Country Roads", 
Singing "Annie's Song"!
Your love songs they sang, "Follow Me" --
They're many a wedding song (we loved to sing along!) 
Riding on "Calypso," upon the ocean blue,
I'm so glad I got to hear and see you! 

Oh, John Denver, John Denver, We miss you!
Friend of the Earth were you!
And we know that your songs will live in our hearts! 
You're soaring higher than the Eagle,
Much higher than the Rockies,
Above the Earth and Sea that you once knew! 
(repeat last 2 lines) 
Above the Earth and Sea and sky so blue!

(Repeat verse 1) 
And your "Songs of Earth" will live in our hearts! 
And your songs of Love will live in our hearts!




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