Artwork:Margery Coffey

Libby The Pet Raccoon 
-- 1993-94
© 1994 Joe Mette

Verse 1
When I went to Dancing Leaf Earth Lodge,
I saw a little girl there --
Who was playing with a pet raccoon,
Running around without a care!
When I asked her what her name was --
She said that it was Libby,*
She is the cutest little pet raccoon,
That I ever did see!

Her name is Libby the Pet Raccoon,
And she likes to go dancing by the light of the moon,
Libby the Pet Raccoon, 
Loves to go dancing by the light of the moon!

Verse 2
And Libby the Pet Raccoon,
Loves to dancing in the evening too,
Libby the Pet Raccoon,
She goes dancing there at Dancing Leaf Earth Lodge!

Verse 3
Well I wish I could return there,
And I wish that it were soon,
For I know there is a pet raccoon -- 
who wakes up in the afternoon,
And I know that she is HAPPY, 
and I know she is CAREFREE,
And she likes to go dancing by the light of the moon, 
wish that included me!

* Probably the girl's name is Libby 
but I named the raccoon the same.

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