The Prince of New Camelot! 
© 1999 Joe Mette

Verse 1
There was a young brave, charming Prince, 
Don't let it be forgot!
A man of sport with love of wit, 
Who once lived in New Camelot!
He did not want the mantle of his slain father-King! 
His love was people o'er government,
And writing was his "thing"! 

Verse 2
The young boy grew into a man, 
With his mother and sister by his side!
With many cousins and an uncle –
Then he finally met his lovely bride! 
They had a small private wedding, 
There was hope and love inside!
Alas, with his new airship* license, 
Time was not on his side!

Verse 3
In a hurry for a wedding, 
They flew off that fateful night! 
But a few miles from the island, 
There was such a fearful sight!
A "jealous dragon" on that dark night –
Laid a "smoke haze" on the sea;
And the airship lost control and crashed –
Into that "Northern sea"!

Verse 4
Let's remember now that brave young man, 
His wife, and her sister too!
Of a time for hope and caring, 
For the time he never knew!
Remember that time of promise, 
Do not let it be forgot!
That for one brief shinning moment was --
A Prince from a land called New Camelot!






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