Selected Songs From "Seek A Better World" 
Memorial & Trlbute Songs

"Good-bye RFK
© 1992, revised 1999 Joe Mette

Verse 1
I was only sixteen, when I saw you that Spring day,
I went to see your "whistle-stop" -- through Kearney to L.A.!
I was impressed with seeing you and with what you had to say!
If only you had had your chance,
And survived in L.A.!

Now good-bye Robert Kennedy, farewell RFK!
Many of us still miss you, since you went away!
But I'm so glad I saw you in my youth of yesterday!
Good-bye Robert Kennedy, farewell RFK!

Verse 2
You would have been our President, yes that I do believe!
The war in 'Nam may'be (would've) sooner ended,
You'd not have us deceived!
You sought to built a "Better World"*, and for us a brighter day!
If only you'd been given your chance,
And survived in L.A.!

Verse 3
And good-bye John F. Kennedy, farewell JFK,
The nation still remembers you, since you went away!
And even though that "torch has passed"*,
Since that dark Dallas day!
Good-bye John F. Kennedy, farewell JFK!
And --

*from RFK & JFK speeches


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