Sojourner Rover 
© 1997 Joe Mette

Verse 1
On July Fourth, 1997,
The Mars Pathfinder landed on the Red Planet Mars,
Renamed Sagan Station*
It opened like a flower petal,
And out came Sojourner the little robot --
The little robot on the planet-Mars!

Sojourner Rover, just rovin' over --
Although roamin' slowly,
On the surface of planet-Mars!
Sojourner Rover,
Checking rocks all over,
And taking great photos -- of the planet-Mars!

Verse 2
Little Sojourner Rover moves in the red dust --
Although no Martians does it see!
Checking rocks named Yogi and Barnacle Bill, 
and Scooby Doo-yessiree!

Verse 3
Now several more missions are planned for Mars,
And it truly is clear to me!
That a mission with men is destined to be --
A great journey that will make history!

Verse 4
Sojourner Rover, 
soon your life will be over,
Someday we may find you --
on the Red Planet-Mars!

*after scientist Carl Sagan





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