Selected Favorite Original Songs –
"Libby The Pet Raccoon & Favorite Songs"

At The Kugler Hill-Top Zoo (1986)
©1986 Joe Mette

Verse 1
When I was just a little boy,
I didn't always just play with toys,
For I had some special animal friends,
Those were days I hoped that would never end!

At the Kugler Hill-Top Zoo, (repeat)
Oh some of the best times of my childhood,
Were at the Kugler Hill-Top Zoo!

Verse 2
There were many animals at the little zoo, 
There were monkeys, bears and peacocks too!
There were deer, buffalo, and an anteater (old eagle) too, 
At my Grandmother's little zoo!

Verse 3
In the little town of Culbertson, 
My Grandmother raised (had) some pets,
Two were named Lulu and Icky —
They were monkeys I never will forget!

Verse 4
When I was a lad of four and five, 
Those monkeys then were quite alive --
They lived in Grandma's house without a care (in the winter),
Ran around everywhere, even pulled on her hair!

Verse 5
Now the zoo is but a memory, 
But zoos are everywhere,
 So go to the city everyone,
See the animals there and have some fun! 


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