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Blessing For a Long Time: The Sacred Pole of the Omaha Tribe

A classic anthropological book by Robin Ridington and Dennis Hastings.

John Koontz

A linguistic expert on the Omaha language, specializing in grammar.

Ilka Hartman

Professional photographer who has spent time photographing the Omaha and photographed the takeover of Alcatraz Island.

Library of Congress Umonhan music

The collection of music from the original wax recordings taken by Frances Densmore and others.

Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade

Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade: Anarchism for the Global City, Radical Environmentalism for the Concrete Jungle, Esoteric Explorations of the Secret History of Rebel Culture. Hosted by Bill Weinberg and Ann Marie Hendrickson.

          World War 3 Report
          Reports from the hotspots around the world, political journalist Bill           Weinberg and assorted other writers report about the news behind the           scenes that the main streamAmerican media cannot seem to see.

Nebraska State Historical Society

State historical society which is currently housing the Omaha Tribal collection.

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa

Official site of the Omaha Tribe.

Vincent Snyder

The award winning designer of New Moon Moving for OTHRP
          The architects that Vincent Snyder has been associated with:
          Frank Gehry
          Michael Graves

          The architectual projects that Vincent Snyder has been associated with:
          EMR Communications and Technology Center
          Vitra Headquarters

UN-L Omaha Collection

A portion of the Omaha Collection online.

Umonhon Nation Public Schools

The official site for the public schools in Macy NE.

Western Institute for Social Research [WISR]

The official site for the college which Dennis Hastings helped found and where he got his MA and where Margery Coffey received her MA. Hastings and Coffey are currently enrolled at WISR where they will be jointly working on their PhDs.

A World of Knowledge, a community of sites dedicated to providing high-quality informative web content. This site is listed under their definition of "jackalope".

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