Margery Coffey
from Listen To The Children
24" x 36"

Hanging on the fence, children staring at the world beyond the confining boundaries, is a common sight whether in a school playground, a home yard or in a refugee camp.  For a small child they are all the same, long boring hours of nothing to do and no one to do it with.  Each fenced-in area may hold its own terrors for children.  Just being locked up is a strange feeling, no matter what the reason. 

I placed the fence on the prairie because it was by caging and plowing the wilderness that we conquered and subdued the high plains wetlands.  The dandelion symbolizes the alien elements human intervention brings.  It is also the first bouquet that children gather.

This child was a refugee.  I deliberately colored her fingers in different colors because children in this plight come from all cultures.  Who she is and where she is located simply does not matter.  Too many of our world's children are in cages for no reason of their own doing.


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