Fremont Area Art Ass.
Coffey & Lazaroff
The Art of Collage


Margery Coffey
Free Mont Flags
15" x 19" x 53"
Found Object Construction 
with art piece

Free Mont Flags [detail]

This art piece is a reconstruction in the spirit of the portion of the organic art sculpture that was censored in Freemont Nebraska.  The original piece was the combined efforts of artists richard chilton, Margery Coffey, Arlen Lazaroff and Michael Wetmore.

While the details may vary slightly, the over all effect is the same. There are some changes. The large flag has been turned upside down in protest, with the names of the town I have been censored in so far added to the flag and the "bloodied" flag in the center has been added to this work. Originally it was a part of the show but not part of the flag skull section. 



Free Mont Flags [detail]


Burn Baby Burn Flag
 Flourescent Tempera, Marker
on Printed Plastic and wood
20" x 12.25"

view 1

view 2

Difference in color due to scanner vs. camera


On May 19, 1990 the Fremont Area Art Ass. rearranged a group sculpture piece by removing the painted flag replica and covering up a doll's head resting on Nicaraguan money.  These two acts changed the entire meaning of the art piece.  The sculpture piece was directed by Margery Coffey and was her co-creation along with fellow artists: richard chilton , Arlan Lazaroff and Michael Wetmore .

It is interesting to note that the objection was to the depiction of American violence both foreign and domestic by name upon the flag but no objection was raised over the flag that was covered with red symbolizing blood.




The end of sex is just the beginning 
of another family
©1989 Arlen Lazaroff


n addition, one of  Arlan Lazaroff 's art piece, The End of the Sex is Simply the Beginning of Another Family," was removed from the wall thus ruining his alphabet series with the removal of his "E" picture.

These acts were done just before the opening and without notification of the artists involved.  In fact, it was done after the artists had set up the show and retired to get dressed for the reception that was held in their honor.  It was at the reception that the artists noticed the deception.

At no time were the gallery's  policies of restricted art made known to the artists during the nine months planning period prior to the setting up of the show.  In fact, we were told that we could do "anything we wanted to do."

We did not take this lying down.  Mr. Lazaroff, Mr. Yansan-Wetmore and Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios objected, Ms Nichols was unavailable for comment.  When our objections were disregarded, Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios went to the press.  The incident was written up and shown state wide on the front page of  the Omaha World Herald Sunday edition.  What was too risque and political for Fremont, the Omaha World Herald published in their family newspaper.

Has Fremont Area Art Ass. learned its lesson?  No.  In a recent show, an artist hung a nude on the wall and the gallery placed lace undies over it so that the nude was properly dressed for Fremont!



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