Margery Coffey
Male Vista
Gouache, Collage on Cardboard
53" x 38"

Artists and Photographers have had a field day depicting land as a human form. It is hard not to see such shapes.  The prairie hills that undulate across Nebraska are exquisitely expressive in their interwoven patterns.  I have watched the skyline with pleasure most of my life as I have crisscrossed the high plains in my journeys. 

In most art work, it has been the female body that has been done as land but I chose to paint the male instead.  While "mother earth" is a very gratifying image, we must not forget that males are as much a part of the earth as we women.  We need to see that the connectedness comes from both sexes.  While I chose to display the male image here, I did paint a corresponding Female Vista as well, some years later. 


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