Margery Coffey
People of the Earth:  Elder Waiting

Oil Collage
36 x 36"

Reflections upon the death of friends
From Changing Winds
©1997 Margery Coffey

Margery Coffey

Memories fall like shadows on a mirror
Half faces blurred with dried tears
Pain from old feelings lies hidden
A thorn among crazy quilts of life lived
Between unfilled plans of great design

Stored in the heart when parting
The years are children spawned
Growing quickly to dart away
Freed to build their own cages
An echo of once unconditional love

Empty is the heart of those who weep
Yesterday is but a dead tomorrow
Age comes quickly to all of us
Unexpectedly served cold on stone
Relentless equality in a partisan world

Friends drift across the death line
A final goodbye mumbled too late
Over crumpled letters, newspaper print
Or cordless compact telecommunications aide
The jerk of a broken cord in mid snap.


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