Margery Coffey
Grandmother Turtle as Child

Oil, Collage, Found objects on Cardboard
40.5" x 33"

From Cry From the Cottonwoods
©1991 Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios

Margery Coffey

Small-Girl-Child dances with fireflies
The lunar spirit bubbles free
Small-Girl-Child crosses the spider web bridge
Water sparkles laughter on her feet
Small-Girl-Child taps the turtle box
Mud squeezes up between her toes
Small-Girl-Child sings into a morning breeze
Spiritual peace is found in quiet souls

Young-Woman hears the sacred waters
Spinning lunar cycles into song
Young-Woman sees the rainbow auras
Weaving cloth of warmth into a smile
Young-Woman tastes the fruits of feeling
Tying knots of love into lace
Young-Woman smells the bread of life
Cutting old from new in measured slice
Young-Woman touches Small-Girl-Child
A vision quest releases promise into truth

Elder-Mother rocks the world in her arms
Young-Woman and Small-Girl-Child sleep
Elder-Woman tends the nightly fire
Young-Woman and Small-Girl-Child stir
Elder-Mother slips into her dreams
Young-Woman and Small-Girl-Child live again


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