Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc.

                                                          Photograph courtesy of OTHRP Archives

Omaha Indians at Walthill Nebraska


Honorary Board of Directors

James Barr
Dr. John Bilorusky
Fergus M. Bordewich
James Botsford
Paul E. Brill
Dr. Ian Brown
John E. Carter
Senator Ernie Chambers

Penelope Collins
Daniel Collins
Dr. Anne P. Diffendal
Michael Farrell
Mrs. Glenn Fuller

Dr. Hugh Genoway
*Alfred (Buddy) Gilpin
Lucille Harlan
Hoover Harlan
Rainbow Hastings
Dr. Dale Henning
Mark A. Hoistad
Mary Lou Hultgren
Dr. Alan Jabbour
Judy Johnson

Dr. John Koontz
Dr. Joanne Kowalski
Dr. Joyce Kramer
Steven Larrick
Betty Loudon
*Dr. Dorothy Sara Lee
Dr. Margot Liberty
Dr. Joan Mark
Dr. Valerie Sherer Mathes
Dr. Thomas P. Meyers
Paul A. Olson

*James (Quanah) Parker
Dr. Joseph C. Porter
Dr. Karl Reinhard
Dr. Robin Ridington
Lawrence Sommer
Dr. William Splinter
*Fred Thomas
*Richard & Sally Thompson
Kit Vorhees
Roger Welch, MA
Dr. John Wunder



Board of Directors


Winona Caramony
School Board, Speaker, Teacher


Fergus Bordewich
Washington, D.C.



Danine Morris


Francis Palmersheim
Computer Shop
Sioux City, IA



Clifford Wolfe, Jr.
Elder, Speaker, Tribal Chairman


John Krejci, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Lincoln, Nebraska



 Walter Echo-Hawk, Esq.
Crowe & Dunlevy, PC
Tulsa, Oklahoma










Dennis Hastings, PhD.


Margery Coffey, PhD.
Assistant Director


richard chilton
Project Facilitator

Gretchen E. Goodman
Director Of Development

Michael C. S. Wetmore
Design Director


Resource Consultants



Allan Baer
Renewable Nations Institute at Dana College


Dr. John Bilorusky, President
Western Institute of Social Research


Ian Brown, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
University of Alabama


Dr. John Koontz, Professor of Linguistics
University of Colorado


Robin Ridington, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus,
University of British Columbia


Vincent Snyder, MA, Architect
Austin, Texas




 Photograph courtesy of OTHRP Archives

Two Omaha women and a girl

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RR 1 Box 79A
Walthill, NE 68067

A museum for the people, built by the people to house the artifacts and sacred items taken from the people over a century ago.  Help right a historic wrong by being a part of the return of a culture, make a donation with or without a purchase.

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