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                               Photograph courtesy of OTHRP Archives.

Francis M. Cayou

football coach, athletic director



Francis M. Cayou

Cayou graduated from Carlisle Indian School in 1896, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Dickson College 1899 where he joined the Phi Delta Theta. He was an engineering student when he was the freshman football coach at the University of Illinois in 1903, Athletic Director Washington University in St. Louis Missouri 1908-1913.

College Representative for the Spalding Athletic Equipment Company 1913-1916 and for the Wilson Athletic Equipment Company in 1917. Athletic Director of the Illinois Athletic Club in Chicago 1907-1920 and the Athletic Director for the Great Lakes Navel Training Station 1920-1923.

He was a Lecturer and Traveler in 1923-? and was listed in the Who's Who Publication in 1927 the year he was Head Chief of the Omaha Pow-wow.


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