Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. [OTHRP]

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A museum for the people, built by the people to house
the artifacts and sacred items taken from the people over a century ago.

Help right a historic wrong by being a part of the return of a culture, make a donation with or without a purchase.

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 Interpretive Center/Museum

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Dennis Hastings, Director (English Only)

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Josephine Barnaby (English Only)

Bechė or Betsey (English Only)

Francis Cayou (English Only)

Hiram Chase (English Only)

Nettie Freemont, He-a-we (English Only)

Dr. Francis LaFlesche, esq.

Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte

Susette LaFlesche Tibbles (English Only)

Thomas Sloan (English Only)

Wallace Springer (English Only)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Talking Leaf, OTHRP's newsletter #1 (English Only)

Talking Leaf, OTHRP's newsletter #2 (English Only)

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OTHRP is translated into French.
 A special thank you to the translators:

OTHRP is translated into Arabic.
 A special thank you to the translator:

Ikram Elsherif, Ph.D.
South Valley University in Sohag, Egypt

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