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Omaha Time Line

Chief Onípontonga [Big Elk] on his return trip from Washington, D.C.
-- November 29, 1825

My chiefs, braves, and young men, I have just returned from a visit to a far off country towards the rising sun, and have seen many strange things. I bring to you news which saddens my heart.

There is a coming of a flood which will soon reach us, and I advise you to prepare for it. Soon the animals which Wakonda gave us for food, will disappear beneath this flood to return, no more, and it will be very hard for you.

I tell you this so you may be prepared for the coming change. You may not know my meaning. Many of you are old as I am, and by the time change comes we may be lying peacefully in our graves.

But these young men will remain to suffer. Speak kindly to one another. Do what you can to help each other, even in the troubles with the coming tide.

Now my people this is all I have to say. Bear these words in mind, and when the time comes think of what I have said . . . .

Umonhon Historical Timeline:



1900-present day




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