This poem, written while in the process of driving back to the Reservation from Sioux City, Iowa, a few days after a sweat, is an example of the stream-of-consciousness writing discussed in An Archeology of Meaning .  While both the title and a minimal of additional punctuation were later added, not a word has been changed.

No Need for Jesu or Peyote
©1999 richard chilton

richard chilton

Time exists for the 
non-believer, not the dead
whose language is much more 
than these lines can convey.

There is no need for
Middleman Jesus
as the seen and unseen
are interchangeable
energy and spirit
There is no need
For peyote
And the supplicants
Of wine and blood,
And bread for body

These food yet
nourish the physical body
but are no 
use in the spirit world
“Were this not true, 
I would have told you,” 
saith the Lord

And these are words
that have no sound
in silence

But wait! Another cry!
At a mother’s breast

How can Humanity be damned
when the creatures of Faith
have themselves taken up the
Sword in the name of
Hell on Earth?




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