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"It is here, among the Interior Continent,
that i understood how 'Americans' 
could permit Hiroshima
 and Vietnam."

richard chilton

Welcome to the HOMEpage 
of the American,
richard chilton (ancestral Dutch/German/English)
Poet, writer/researcher, conceptual thinker
Cultural Disclaimer
The views expressed herein regarding indigenous issues and
concerns do not reflecct an official position of any sovereign
Indigenous nation, including theUmonhon (Omaha).




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She was made of tissue paper

suspended among time

Ridin' the may10

The Farmworker's Song

Nader's Raiders

In the Metropolitan Wilderness

Foot Travels

No need for Jesu or Peyote

On Contemplating Paul Tibbits




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Art of Pricing Art

Ownership of the Omaha language

The Archaeology of Meaning








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