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Weaving & Beads

 As far back as I can remember I felt something different and special in my heart.  I had a feeling for the land, trees, animals and even rocks.  In 1986, I met my biological father and he told me I was part Lakota.  It all made sense.

Even though weaving is more Diné (Navajo), I had a yearning to learn to weave.  A Kickapoo auntie taught me how to bead, along with making moccasins and ribbon dresses.  I took my first weaving class from a Diné woman.

In 1993, I entered the School of Fine Arts, Textile Design, at the University of Kansas.  At the time I was unable to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Now that I am living in Omaha, Nebraska, I have entered the Fine Arts program at Nebraska University -- Omaha to complete my studies.

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