Ricki Lynn Rawlings
2002 Ricki Lynn Rawlings

So, as you are afraid, you speak, you think, you sit, you breathe,

as you are afraid and paralyzed,

You have the outcome planned.

You don't like that one, or your tired of this one.

You change and change your mind, and realign--pray for different

vision, you seek different direction.

You feel more at ease with this, helping more than just the one,

just the self,

Your vision has been for many, for the people, for the whole, for

the good, the truth which is eternal.

When it is for many, for the good, it will always come around to

benefit self.

For in benefiting others and helping humans and all relations as

you want to help yourself, then the deed is done, the purpose is

fruitful, the path is good.

So as you have seen and as you have heard, seeking direction for

yourself may be frightening and paralyzing, but--

By not trying, not doing-you do no more than anyone else, you

breathe you sit, you worry--What does that help?  Who does that help?

Creator does not worry-all is natural.

The Hawk, The Owl, The Woodpecker, The Eagle,

Listen to them.  The Creator knows.  LISTEN!      But why??


To pray for guidance-If you are praying for direction, remembering

others and praying for your own healing and the healing of

many.... Love--it is good.

Check to see if your direction is good and not of self.

Even the weaver checks every so often.

Know where you're going and what youre doing.

But don't take it for granted.

Be thankful to what has been given.                  But I am!!



Do more than sit, think and worry, young one.

As you have sat, listened...But sat, toiled, worried and fretted,

The weaving is complete.



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