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richard chilton

The Divide as Allegory:  The Kiraruta as Place in Cather's Fiction

An examination of Willa Cather's literary relation with the prairie as an earlier consequence of "celebrity culture" characterized in modern times by Eve Ensler.

rc3001cather                                  $10.00

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Margery Coffey




Cry from the Cottonwoods


Changing Winds


The Blue Elephant
Book of Poetry
Must be over 18.


Autumn Leaves
Used Books
and other poems

Poems from the writer's return to her home town only to be rejected for being an artist.    Poems of the artist emerging from home town rejection and coming into her own as a poet.  

These poems celebrate the joys and sexual feelings of a love relationship.

  Poems written during the poet's sojourn in Ithaca, New York and New York City.

MRCP1001cry    $20.00


MRCP1002winds   $20.00


MRCP1003blue    $20.00


MRCP1004leaf   $20.00






Vision Quest Shields of Black Prairie Dog Woman


The Secret Language
of Herbs

    An adult picture book of reprints.  This series is based upon the prairie dog.  Suitable for framing or coloring.   An adult picture book of reprints.  This series is based upon the Victorian language of plants and stylized female nudes.  Suitable for framing or coloring.    

MRCP1005pd       $10.00


MRCP1005herbs  $10.00


Arlan Lazaroff

Barbed Wire   *?!+   noise = life
A collection of poetry touching on the gay lifestyle and rural America   From 2001, a collection of dada poetry as only Lazaroff can create.   An eclectic poetry collage coming from urban Omaha

al4001wire          $15.00


al4003*?!+        $10.00


al4002noise        $15.00

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