Blizzard Snows

Wayne Tyndall
©1999 Wayne Tyndall
All rights reserved.


The blizzard snows have hit this place,

Spraying the trees with silvery lace.

The cardinals and blue jays dart about,

While children on hillsides sleigh and shout!

Like sparkles of diamonds, the sunís reflection,

The snow covers the earth with its show of affection.

The snowdrifts appear as lace on a cake,

Make merry the laughter, hear the sound of skates,

Sliding so fast on the frozen blue lake.

The quaint little cabins hide snug on the bluffs,

Smoke from their stovepipes air forth in white puffs,

The river so placid, sparkles like crystal glass,

Winter is here, it has come at last!




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